Wiggle Those Toes…

Today I received some bad news, however I am a firm believer that out of bad always comes good, so here’s the deal. If you have read any of my blogs you are aware that I am a Classical Stretch fan, guru and promoter. These exercises have given me my life back and I am eternally grateful to its founder, Miranda Esmonde-White, for this.

I signed up for a NYC course to become a Classical Stretch teacher, however it was cancelled as I was the only one who signed on. This upset me but I will keep my NYC vacation and have already signed on for 6 plays through Headout. They have super cheap theater tix but this is for another blog.

Classical Stretch teaches us to get out of your shoes and exercise your feet. especially your toes – loosen them up and unfreeze them. Why? Because these toes, feet, and fingers also start the muscle chains for the rest of the body. If they are working knee, back, and neck pain falls away. And if you don’t believe me, give it a try. She’s on PBS.

Whenever I see someone crunched up in a wheelchair or walker I ask if they walk barefoot. Their answer is always the same, “NO.” Sometimes they listen, sometimes they are indignant. If they are indignant I just chalk it up because if you are in enough pain you try anything, (as did I), and this works!

So, get those toes, feet, and fingers working then watch the pain disappear.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen. (And for this one if you don’t like what I say you are simply not in enough pain).

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