My Visitor

Today I received a voicemail message from my electrical company stating they are sending a Drone to check my equipment. What is this world coming to? I always like company, but a drone? They left a forwarding number for further explanation but I am unsure what questions to ask. Here’s what is running through my mind…

  • Will the drone knock on the door?
  • Is the drone coming in for a visit?
  • Should I invite it in for tea?
  • Should I dress for the visit?
  • Should there be any paperwork associated with the visit, how shall I sign it?

I hope you have had a laugh as have I. In fact, I anxiously await my visitor.

Since this power company keeps my bills to $30 a month I won’t question this further. I know these folks are planners and are destroying the environmentally destructive power plants and building clean energy operations so I applaud them. In this transition they have even planned to take care of the manatees who in the winter swim near the former plants for warmth, but more important they are thinking of our future generations.

I’m sure the drones will be friendly and do I dare ask, “Oh technology, what is next?”

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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