CBS All Access

I am addicted to CBS All Access and I hold no shame. I am up to date on Stephen Colbert, 48 Hours, CBS Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, Blue Bloods and Madame Secretary. When I think of trying other services I don’t know how I’d fit them into my schedule. While this may sound like a commercial, and I suppose it is, it consumes me. I still haven’t figured out if this is good or not but it gives this retiree something to do besides blogs and travel.

Recently, I began to watch The Good Fight with Christine Baranski. I had tried to watch it before but started with the current season and was confused. Once I saw Christine on Stephen, (we are all on a first name basis), I decided to commit and have begun watching the show from Season 1. It’s captivating and each night as I watch episode after episode I find myself checking the clock and it’s 3 am. I am grateful I only have 10 more shows for catch up as I’ll ruin my sleep cycle if it goes any longer.

Diane Lockhart is quite a chick and it’s wonderful to see strong women portrayed on television. This gives hope to our future female generations and something to aspire to. And who knows maybe America will even have the courage to elect a female president in the next round.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen..

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