Jordan Here I come!

Following is how I prepped for my April 2019 Jordan trip. Hope you gain some insights as I clue you in on my journey along the way. Keep reading!

I began this adventure with packing. Clothing was my first concern as with climate change one never knows what to expect. I usually pack two weeks prior then check out the temps the day before departure to ensure I’ve got it right.

As of this writing on 3/27 temperatures are predicted to be 66 to 75 farenheit, (celcius 19 to 24). Nights are cooler so I’m bringing a fleece, a light coat with liner, heavy socks and gloves for outer wear.

Coverage of shoulders, cleavage and knees are a must in Jordan. No t-shirts with questionable logos and light colors can be worn however avoid bright colors. Cotton is the fabric go-to and loose fitting clothes are key. References to shoes vary with recommendations of both hiking boots and light sneakers with grip. I am bringing both.

Here’s a list of other essentials:

  • Sun Block
  • Bug Spray
  • Wide Brimmed Hat
  • Bandanas for back of neck or scarves
  • Light long sleeved shirt for sun protection
  • Roll of toilet paper along with plastic bags for paper disposal
  • First aid kit with strong bandaids should shoes cause a blister
  • Electrolyte pills but need questionable and cost can be prohibitive
  • Prescription medicine packed well with extras
  • Lip Balm
  • Swimwear for the Dead Sea
  • Travel towels – baby wipes
  • For the Wadi Rum overnight – sleeping bag liner , head torch to light the way, a book to read in case no wi-fi at the camp. And, here’s where the socks and gloves help for the cold nights.
  • Insulated water bottle – in reading the literature folks differ on drinking the local water. I am always careful and aim for bottled.
  • Nuts, granola bars and items that are heat resistant. As a solo traveler I bring my American version of snacks and let my fellow travelers test the local fare first. If they don’t get a belly ache I’ll give it a go, but traveling solo with no back up is a chore if you get sick..
  • Camera, passport with many pages and 6 months to expiration
  • Cell phone with portable charger.
  • Currency for exchange – can be done in airports and ATMS are available, but don’t leave home without currency. The Jordan Dinar is their currency. As of 3/27 1.41 USD = 1 Jordanian Dinar.

Safety Concerns..

While I am known to be fearless I have checked many sites regarding the safety of this area. In each site or blog tourists stated how safe they felt in Jordan. Sites do say to remove yourself at any sign of disturbance and steer clear of student centers or colleges where protests are known to happen. Friday prayer afternoon was stated as a likely time for volatility. However, I will remain vigilant yet not paranoid and for us single ladies wear a wedding ring.

A Must Have: The Jordan Pass..

The Jordan Pass includes your visa and admission to the historic sites. It’s reasonable and easily purchased on line. Purchase it prior to leaving.

Keep reading.. I promise I’ll keep you amused…

All this fun stuff was based on my readings and research. Once there I will give you the low down on what was accurate and what was missing to make your trip even more enjoyable.

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