Getting there: Jordan

This was a feat and I recommend anyone traveling with a tour company make their own plane reservations for this locale. Too late I found of my 7 hour layover in Cairo Airport before connecting to Jordan and a 4 am departure flight. Costs for airline changes are exorbitant. With little to do or even places to sit comfortably in Cairo Airport it was a long wait. I hung out at the Food Village, a food court.

Also, the Cairo welcoming staff were not too welcoming. However, keep your smile as Queen Alia Airport, the next step on the journey, is more user-friendly.

From Cairo Airport to Queen Alia Airport takes 2 hours with a one hour time change. The drive to Amman was 45 minutes and our car was filled with delightful European millennials who joked the entire ride. This was different from my Japan trip where the ride was with acerbic Americans who played the game who has been on more trips. What a relief! It’s a different day.

We arrived at the Amman Guest House at 11 pm. While a bit noisy and breakfast 2 star the staff was pleasant and helpful. I quickly went to bed as they pray here 5 times a day and 4 am is wake up prayer. While they have APs for this they continue the ancient method which is quite disconcerting however we are visitors.

Tomorrow the nuts and bolts of the trip shall begin.

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