Day 1: Amman and Jerash

We began our day shortly after breakfast. There were about 20 in our group and everyone was pleasant and excited to be on the trip.

Driving through Amman I observed a modern, clean city. I was impressed. The roads were well paved and the traffic flowed.

Our first stop from Amman was Jerash, a well preserved architectural site. It was exquisite and our guide well versed in its history.

Entrance Gate to Jerash

Beyond the entrance were paved streets, temples and a Roman theater. The pictures tell the story with more grandeur than my words.

Back of Entrance Gate showing beginning of Jerash
Roman theater
Temple Gates

Jerash also had a museum explaining the area’s history. Included were some well preserved statutes and heads. This is must see for your visit.

Female Head – Isn’t she gorgeous..

From here we made our way to the Temple of Hercules at the Citadel. What a view of the city.


Once back at ground level we stopped at a 6000 seat auditorium still in use today.

6000 seat theater

We had a few moments for retail therapy after this site and I found my go to souvenir. I always buy a doll dressed in native garb. Little did I know Barbie also comes in a hijab. Here she is.

Sorry you have to turn the screen. I think by now most know I have TDD, Technology Deficit Disease. Something new for the DSM. Ha! Ha!

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