Jordan Day 3: Madaba Mount Nebo Kerak Castle Petro at candlelight

We traveled along the Kings Highway today. This road which has been used over 5000 year holds the beauty of olive trees and rural villages along its route. My only wish is they’d pick up the trash as it is a great eyesore.

Our first stop was St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church which held 6th century mosaics. It was a weathered but beautiful antiquity. Gals who exposed knees or shoulders were given robes to cover these exposed parts prior to visiting the church.

The town also had interesting shops. I found a greater selection of Barbies here with better price. Bring you dinars as country wide not all take Visa.

Moses died here

Next stop Mount Nebo a place of great spiritual value with breathtaking beauty and views.

View from church
Cross outside church
One of the many Mosaic floorings

The Franciscans researched this location and purchased it in the early 1930’s. Several of the priests unearthed and renovated the floorings on display at the church.


Kerak Castle was our last afternoon stop. This was a crusaders castle from the 12th century. The structure was well maintained and fascinating with its kitchen area and prison.

Prison Hallway
Castle views

Our evening event was Petra By Candlelight. The picture does no justice to the event. It is something that needs to be experienced as words can’t express the event. Beware of the brick walkway you travel as several tumbled. The candle light lining the route is the only light and it’s dark. Be safe. Hold hands.

Once in front of the Treasury flue music plays, tea is distrbuted and the story of Petra explained. Enjoy. You will never forget the experience.

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