Day 4: Petra by day Wadi Run at night

I really appreciated Petra by day after the evening experience as it set the tone for our day event. On the way through the Siq, (narrow cleft of the rock), to the Treasury there were many beautiful artifacts as well as music.

Native songs.

Following are sculptures and tomb pictures. These items abound on the route to the Treasury and its high cliffs entice the young and fit to climb.

Beautiful sculpture
More Tombs
Tombs galore
Siq to Treasury
And we get closer..
Then you arrive.

Shops and vendors align the route past the Treasury providing tourists a place to stop, rest and take in the beauty of the area.

Camel rides and horses are also available for hire. These help those wanting to see more without walking and a guide accompanies you.

A camel waiting for a customer

I took the trek to the Monastery which someone said is 69 flights of stairs. This was done via mule for 10 dinars/14 USD and leaves you within a 30 minute walk to the Monastery. I found this terrifying as the mules foot was often a hairs breath away from a gorge but others who are of Indiana Jones spirit enjoyed it.

Prior to dismount

The remaining several hundred steps were tiring but worth it.


Since the week provided amazing weather I ventured forth to the area known as “best view” according to its weathered sign. Much of Petra’s rugged topography reminded me of New Hampshire, Arizona but mostly the route to Los Alamos, New Mexico, home of the atomic bomb.

Horses taking a break

On the way up to the “best view” I stopped and ate my lunch on a perch off a cliff. Priceless.

Note to hikers: take your trash with you.

Lunch spot

The “best view” was exquisite and vendors were located at this perch as well.

Best View

It was now 2:45 pm and with 4:30 fast approaching I began my trek down the mountain. At the base I found a new site, The Great Temple Complex.

Horses resting as they pray?.

Scurrying back to the bus I hopped another mule ride to the Treasury and with my last 5 dinar/7USD rode a slow horse ride back to the gate. How I wish I could have taken the transport below. .

No Visa accepted.

I made the bus and next stop was Wadi Run, where we tented at a camp run by Bedouin hosts. As we entered the camp music greeted us along with tea in front of a bonfire.

Music pre-dinner

Dinner was delicious, music with dancing fascinating and the bonfire warm. In the evening there was an optional visit to the star gazing area where I saw the moon through a high powered telescope and learned Pluto was no longer a planet. Poor Pluto.

Driving through the desert at night was an experience. We became stuck in the sand and the driver let air out of the tires to increase traction. Luckily another vehicle arrived and returned us to our tents.

Picture of the Captain Camp at night. What a marvelous sleep!

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