Day 6: Amman Free Time

This was our last day of the tour. My plans fell through so trip companions dragged me to Rainbow Street. Arriving early I knocked on a recommended tshirt shop door and they let us in to browse.

Phenomenal t-shirt shop

I worked with the employee and now have a tshirt with my logo. I also bought a sweatshirt.


Since my companions were under time constraints we also found other shops which helped complete our retail needs.

Great Shop no pressure

Departing from my tour mates I found the corner where I needed to turn for my Haman Treatment.

Way to the Al Pasha Turkish Bath

For 25 dinar they wash, scrub and massage you. What an amazing experience and don’t forget to tip. Box in the changing room. Takes one to two hours and thanks trip mate Cindy from Malta for the info.

Did I say it’s around the corner from Jordan Valley gift shop? Well, it is.

Next stop was an Uber to the Royal Automobile Museum. As a carophil, if there is such a word, I am one. I spent 3 hours here enjoying and drinking in history. Behind almost each car was video of the King using the vehicle.

Here is a bullet proof Cadillac given to the King by President Eisenhower.

Bullet Proof

And for those millennials here is the first BMW.


During the visit movies were also shown. I caught one that the actual King made promoting his country. He is amazing and quite a dare devil.

There is also a Children’s Museum in this complex, however due to time constraints I was unable to visit. I am told this is another valuable experience.

So, go to Jordan and visit the sites. You’ll return impressed with much to talk about.

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