Departure Time

I departed from my Jordan hotel room at 12:30 am to wait for a 1:30 hotel to airport pick up. The night was cool and balmy as I waited for my chariot and the English speaking security guard befriended me. Time went quickly and was filled with laughter as he professed a mini-course on Jordanian life.

Gazing at my watch I noted it was 1:33 and with no chariot in site my new friend made strategic calls and a car appeared at 1:45. This came with the added bonus of the hotel management paying for this. Apparently, they were connected to the tour company.

The drive to the airport was swift with a non-English speaking driver playing somber Jordanian tunes on the radio. Upon arrival I popped out of the car quickly, pulled my bag from the trunk, shut the trunk and waved thank you to the driver still in the car.

With time of the essence I noted an additional pre-check at the Queen’s Airport in Jordan. My bag failed this x-ray check due to rocks I had procured from various Jordanian fields, however, after much ado I was allowed to keep them.

Off to the ticket counter where I received my tickets and left my bag. Then on to Duty Free where I met friendly staff who helped me use my dinars in combination with USD for purchase. These folks even smiled at this hour. What champs!

At 4:30 am the plane departed and I was off to Cairo Airport for a four hour layover till next flight. I sought out the Cairo Airport Food Village and set my alarm clock to within 2 hours of flight and attempted to snooze. After this I went to the gate and met friendly Americans eager to discuss their trips. It was here I discovered I had a middle seat for the 12 hour flight. This is a no can do for an older gal with a teensy bladder. A very gracious Egypt Air staffer changed the ticket and found me a seat on the aisle, back of plane near the loo. Prayers answered..

The long ride to JFK was quiet. There were no screaming babies and I was grateful. Egypt Air has an easy to manage video system and Johnny English Strikes Again was a hoot. Rowan Atkinson at his finest. How do they think of such slapstick?? Food was basic but had taste and the attendants pleasant so the 12 hours went by slowly, but by.

Arriving in JFK was another 4 hour wait with 45 minutes or so on the tarmac since fog was present and planes backed up. The Delta staff was accommodating and gave frequent updates speaking slowly enough for this old gal in her 28th hour of commute to understand.

We touched down in Orlando after midnight. Bags arrived quickly and the parking company van was at the appropriate site for passenger pick-up. At the parking lot the car ignition worked and by 3:30 am I was at my abode. If only I could say this was a 4 hour commute.

However, as I gaze at my Jordan rocks the images of this beautiful, history filled country persist. Visit Jordan it’s a trip you will always remember fondly…

Jordan rocks in my garden.

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