Easter Parade

The Star of the Show

Each year St. Augustine has an Easter Parade and for the last 3 years I have been lucky enough to attend. It is the highpoint of my Easter aside from church and every year it gets better.

Since St. Augustine has a Spanish history of over 450 years the parade begins with a tribute to its founders.

Spanish Ancestry
Fun Royalty
And a little Spanish bravado

And then the Parade moved on to..

Military Processions
Animal Characters
Music festival floats
And of course mermaids dropped by from the ocean to visit.

But perhaps the best addition to this years event was the old cars.

An early station wagon
Two Classy Numbers
Some more beauties

Then came the fast cars..

And the Jeeps..

Happy belated Easter greetings to all and if you are in St Augustine at Easter please come to the Parade. It’s the Saturday before the big day at 9 and runs from Kings Street through downtown.

Dedicated to our former Mayor Nancy. Hope to see you at next years Parade.

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