Walking Biscuit


Recently my neighbor was feeling under the weather so I volunteered to walk her dog. Biscuit is a 10 pound male pekingese who I have known for 2 years. He has always been a friendly host on my visits with his mom however things changed when I attempted to attach the leash. Biscuit sat on his laurels and refused to allow the leash to be connected. My neighbor laughed and said this was typical behavior even when other family members walk him. Eventually he acquiesced and we began.

Once out the door this behavoir continued for another five minutes. As I dragged this precious animal along I became concerned that someone would be contacting the humane society. Then as if by luck or chance the game changed and Biscuit became his own man happily trotting and taking command of “the walk.”

On the way

After numerous stops along the way smelling random items and selectively choosing which to christen our time together came to a close. Hearing his mom’s voice Biscuit picked up his pace and quickly ran in the open door of his home. He eagerly allowed me to remove the leash, took a lap from his water bowl, and hopped on his couch sheepskin. As I watched him close his eyes I wondered if he was dreaming of his walk.

Reflecting on the walk

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