Buying A Suitcase

My two companions on the road

Recently I decided I needed to buy a new suitcase. I have two however a larger size was required. While I abhor paying baggage fees the time had come. Cramming things into a suitcase is no fun and especially disconcerting when trip purchases are crammed. We want those treasures to return home safely.

My two current suitcases arrived after a year of incidents with suitcases damaged beyond repair. If your suitcase must die pray it does so in China. They have a wonderful system where upon visiting customer service the damaged bag is viewed then the rep goes in a back room and returns with a new one. This saves time and energy. When the other incidents occurred it involved trying to find a new bag on the journey then writing the airlines once home with receipts etc.. post in airport claim.

While at JFK the other day I saw a flowered pink bag which no one would grab in error off the conveyor belt. Since I talk with everyone I approached the gal and she told me it was a Ross purchase. Now why didn’t I know that? For the past three weeks I had been researching suitcases evaluating their construction, inner linings, handles and of course the most important part – the wheels.

In my research I realized the best wheels for a case are round however found none made in this fashion. While this pink beauty did not have round wheels I thought I’d investigate again. Today at Ross my dream came true with one thing missing. See if you can guess..

Meet BCBW Black Case Blue Wheels

Next I’ll have to spruce her up with a dash of color. Red initials? That bag diva would never be mistaken. Will keep you posted. 🙂

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