Thursday Art Group: Cuba Closing???

Several times a month on Thursday I attend an art group. The four gals of the group are talented and since I do not possess that gene I watch, happy to be in their presence. The conversation is insightful and lively. Our leader has cruised extensively and I receive many travel tips from this gal.

Today I learn that regulations on visits to Cuba from the US are changing. I listen closely as Cuba was and is on my bucket list for travel. While on the Jordan trip many had been to Cuba, however, they were residents of Canada or the UK. When I arrived home from Jordan I reviewed the travel agencies they used and found them to be too “active” for me. While I long to see more than Havana, mountain biking in home stays is not the accommodations I seek. I also believe time is of the essence before the doors are closed.

Returning from art group I scanned sites as I had some time free in April. I found a 4 day cruise on a bargain site using a reputable cruise line. I depart in 3 days. Need to pack my bags! Cuba, here I come…

Photo by Leonie Fahjen on

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