Day 1: Cuba Here I Come

Conditions were perfect as I drove to the Cape Canaveral Port for the cruise.  Friendly seniors met me at a reasonable off-site parking lot.  As I was refreshed in Cruise 101, I realized this was the perfect place for senior employment with sun, little stress, and a pleasant environment.  Gosh, maybe I need to sign up. 

Onto registration which was a quick and easy process as was boarding. The ship was gorgeous and in heading for my cabin I met friendly folk who all said hello. Once unpacked I located the amazing food café and contemplated decisions regarding calories then went for it all having 4 desserts, well, maybe 2, as I only ate half of each?.

After my first of many gluttony experiences to come I sat by the pool reading Lee Child and later soaked in the jacuzzi.  The sun was glorious.  Checking the clock it was already 5:30 and at 6 the Solo Cruise Meeting was scheduled.  Cruise ships have finally become savvy to us folk and even developed studio cabins in the larger ships for solos. Some even allocate a cruise member to guide and encourage socialization at events. This is a great way to connect and find someone to do things with.

The meeting was lively with 15 of us expressing concern regarding the Havana excursions.  A wheelchair bound travel writer was writing an article about exploring Cuba with disabilities and her Spanish speaking friend attended.  Both she and her friend had much to offer regarding the island and culture of the land.  Several left to eat dinner together and attend the show as a group but since I was stuffed, I decided to catch up with the group later. 

Returning to my room the Lee Child book continued to intrigue and I finally detached myself and attended the 8:30 show.  This was a smattering of venues to come with a great dance troupe performance, a comedian and a guitar player.  The cruise director introduced herself and gave information regarding the Key West excursions occurring the following day.  I found one gal who attended the meeting and we sat together.

Post show we discussed her Havana excursion plans.  She was still undecided regarding the Tropicana excursion. I volunteered to change my excursions and go with her.  As I listened to her banter I was grateful to be a solo cruiser as making decisions on my own is my forte. She came to the “possible” conclusion she was not ready to commit so I maintained my excursion choices.

Upon her departure I listened to the Cuban music and observed the lively dancing of the ship’s passengers.  My can these ladies and gents wiggle!  Tomorrow at 7 is stretch class. I better attend to get my wiggle in shape.


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