Day 2: Cuba Here I Come Key West

Pink Sunrise?

Setting the alarm at 6 am I made the most of the morning with sunrises, exercise, eating and making origami frogs. Since the glorious pink sunrise didn’t capture on my cheapie Samsung phone I inquired of a man on the deck photoing the same sunrise. He stated, “You need to get a nice phone.”  Wise and kind advice from a man who probably was very happily married for many years as he knew how to handle a frenzied woman. His sage advice made my day.

After the sunrise I attended 7 am stretch class arriving at 7:05 as I could not locate the place. It is always wise to check out where an event is on the ship before it occurs as these vessels are enormous. With stretch already in progress I found a mat and quickly joined in.  While the young man was cute and the class interesting I missed Miranda Esmonde White so returned to my room and plugged in my disk to exercise with her. When you’ve been exercising with someone daily for 3 years you miss them.

After Miranda I attended an origami class where we made a turtle.  It was fun and two of the gals left their turtles. Feeling sorry for these abandoned creatures I took them so they now have a home. 

Three Frog Family

Lee Child continued to call to me so I sat on deck and read after these adventures. As I read my mind wandered to Havana and the excursions I had chosen. Did I really want a tour of Havana only to return at night to walk through what I saw during the day?  This was ludicrous and the gal at the excursion desk agreed. I exchanged the evening tour for the fun filled Tropicana with 3 rum drinks and peanuts included.

At 1 pm the boat docked in the Key West Naval Shipyard and it was time to disembark. Key West is the town of Hemingway. You can visit his intriguing house and a lighthouse across the street.  Rumor has it Hemingway bought it so he could find his way home drunk from Key West bars.

There are also glass bottom boat rides, parks, an aquarium, a butterfly museum and interesting forts to visit in this town.  They even have a Walgreen’s in a former movie theater.


One of my favorite places on Key West is the Truman House.  It was here Harry was sent to recuperate for health reasons while he continued as president.  It is a simple white frame structure and current presidents still visit and stay over. The Carter’s and Clinton’s have stayed here.  It is a fascinating and unique piece of history.

Another fascinating piece of history is the Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church which resides on Truman Street.  It was here during the Spanish American War that the sisters opened their convent as a hospital to soldiers inflicted with war wounds and yellow fever.  The church and grounds are a lovely visit regardless of denomination.

Side of Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church

Back on the ship I met a new solo traveler at dinner and while eating 2 other solo travelers from the meeting appeared.  From here we attended a 70’s and 80’s song and dance fest by the ship troupe.  As I sat next to an inebriated passenger the seats rocked as much as much as the performers with this gal jumping up and down. What a hoot!

Another end to a glorious day of cruising with tomorrow the high point of the cruise, the Havana visit.

Farewell to the Key West Rooster…

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