Day 3 Evening: Cuba Here I Come — The Tropicana


Welcome to the Tropicana, a casino cabaret which opened in 1931 and has operated 7 days a week since. Wikipedia and our tour guide stated Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Jack Nicholson have performed at the club. The revolution stopped the gambling portion and mobsters Lucky Luciano, Frank Bishop and Santo Trafficante were shown the door for trafficking drugs among the gambling operations. Today the cabaret is exclusively Cuban with song and dance all performed by scantily clad females and males who don feathers, glitter and head gear sometimes 3 feet tall. The club generates 2 million a year in revenue for the government who pays these dancers/government workers a top salary of $400/month. Currently the club has a school to teach young people how to become professional dancers for the venue.

This was a must see and while it is loud a seat close to the stage is the best vantage point.

Enough with history … a picture is worth a 1,000 words. On to the show!

Tropicana stage
Dancer close-up
Elegance among the feathers
Performers carrying chandeliers on their heads

Cuba at it’s finest. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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