Day 4: Cuba Here I Come Return Sail

After the night at the Tropicana what can you say? Nothing can compare, however, the ship continued to provide interesting activities, delicious food, and great entertainment.

My table mate from the Tropicana dropped off a good book she had finished so that occupied my time for most of the day. It concerns a psychiatric patient and was a great read, The Silent Patient. I always enjoy a well written book. For me it was particularly intriguing as I spent the last 10 years of my career as a psych nurse, however it would grab anyone who enjoys a psychological thriller.

Following my last delicious dinner with no calories spared, I decided to go to the adult humor show at 10 pm. Dylan, a long lean Canadian was a hoot and even had a piece about nurses. The cruise ships always have great talent.

After this I bid adieu to the ship by walking the deck and enjoying the ocean breezes. My fun-filled vacation was over and this was the fastest 4 days of my entire life. Tomorrow I am exploring the Kennedy Space Center. I haven’t been there in over 50 years so keep reading and see ya!

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