The Limelight: St. Augustine’s Finest

11 Old Mission Avenue
St. Augustine
great parking available

This week I attended St. Augustine’s community theater, The Limelight, and took in Father of the Bride. Having seen both the Spencer Tracey/Elizabeth Taylor and Steve Martin/Diane Keaton versions I decided to give this a go.

It was a delightful community theater performance with actors and actresses alike on cue hitting their jovial lines with grace. The Limelight has much to offer and I wondered if any tourists were in the audience as it brings a welcome relief from the busyness of touring the historic city.

The story is based on the Banks family and their preparation for a June wedding. While set in a time frame of many years ago the sentiments and concerns remain in current day. Who do you invite to the wedding? How do you cut costs? And then there is the drama of love in the mix among all these decisions and concerns.

I look forward to the theater’s next performance, Calendar Girls. I’m sure it will enchant as well.

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