Hungry Squirrels and Moth Balls

Photo by Pixabay on

I returned from my journeys inspired to work in my garden.  Since I am a firm believer in perennials, I purchased gorgeous day lily bulbs which were quite pricey.  My gladiolas bulbs from Dollar Tree were growing at a record pace along the condo foundation so I purchased these bulbs planting them away from the condo perimeter.

The following day I was aghast to find my new bulbs unearthed and gone.  Where had they gone?  In further investigation I found the squirrels to be the culprits.  For the price of the bulbs I could have taken them to lunch at a 5-star restaurant.

Still hoping to rescue what I had left I placed stones around the base of the plants.  The next day I found they pulled off the stems and worse yet they didn’t even eat the stems.  Today I am off to Dollar Tree to purchase moth balls as I am told this works to keep snakes at bay and hopefully it will work for squirrels?.  Who knows maybe they’ll come colored and what a decorative touch this would be for my garden.

Will keep you posted.

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