Hat’s Off to Andrew

Thanks, Andrew and Billy

Recently New York State banned off shore drilling for the State. Bill Joel, a prominent Long Islander, was instrumental in this legislation and sat at Governor Andrew Cuomo’s side as he signed the bill. What courage this took.

As I watch the nightly news and view the devastation of the world I wonder how much more do we need to see and experience before something is done? What is even more asinine is that green energy creates more jobs. Believe me I feel for the folks in coal country but why can’t we build solar panel factories there?

We all have to change and change is tough, but if we want to save the world we must. How many natural disasters do we need to live through? And when is our government going to do something about it?

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say, it’s still Kathleen. But if you don’t believe what I say, watch the weather report tonight.

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