Russian Trolling: Elections and now Measles

Our “Friend” the Russian Troll

The Russians have been busy messing with the world. They started with our elections, then messed with Britain, and now are back focusing on the US again. Apparently, the Russian trolls are responsible for flooding the internet with misinformation about the measles vaccine which is turn swayed folks not to vaccinate their children.

Putin’s fear of democracy is justified. If his people got a taste of democracy that would be the end of him. They surely would question how he got his $70 billion. He doesn’t allow internet access to his peeps, (except for the trolls), and whenever he travels in his country he closes down all the GPS of the area for his protection. The ultimate spy lives in terror and he needs to.

Bottom line: Vaccinate your children. Measles is a horrific illness and the loss of a child is devastating. Don’t let Putin and his trolls win.

Here’s what measles looks like and the skin stuff is the easy part.

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