Reflections on Brugge

Belgian Doll in Native Costume

As my suitcase trailed behind me through the streets of Brugge at 4 am the city stood still. The only sound in the marketplace was the rolling wheels of my suitcase as I journeyed to the train station. Stopping I observed this peace and wondered what to share with readers to make their stay even more memorable. Listed below are a few items to help with your time in Brugge.

  • Visit the tourism center at the train station or market early in your visit. Their maps are the best, get several as they tear easily.
  • There are many free places to visit. Take advantage of them. Walk to the windmills, see the many beautiful churches, investigate the canals with houseboats, explore the markets.
  • Ask directions of the seniors who live there. They know the best. Thank them for their help.
  • Keep smiling and if folks appear harsh in tone, remember it is the dialect.
  • Dress in layers. Bring a coat, scarf and light gloves despite the season. This tip from a native.
  • Have two pair of sneakers with thick soles, switch every day. Watch your step.
  • Bring muscle analgesic cream and anti-inflammatory pills to relieve aches from long walks. A back and foot massage with a dose of anti-inflammatory pills at night will ready you for the next day. If you have a hotel room with a bath, soak.
  • Hotel rooms with a refrigerator in your room are ideal. A glass of wine or beer can be enjoyed in a comfortable hotel room as well as in the marketplace. Restaurant meals start at 17 Euros.
  • Visit grocery stores for food. Pano is a reasonable deli chain with delicious food. Make a picnic in the park. Besides the romance it is fun filled and you will meet interesting natives, tourists and dogs.
  • Buy train tickets at the station. On line services incur unnecessary fees. Tip from the conductor.

Brugge is a fantasy land and a delightful escape from the real world. As you walk the streets couples hold hands, kiss and appear in love. Visit, forget about your life at home, and rekindle the sparks of your love.

Good bye Brugge

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