Mother Daughter Relationships

I think one of the hardest things in the world is mother-daughter relationships. Whenever I think of these critters I recall the grandmother in the Parenthood movie talking about the roller coaster of life and these relationships sure are that.

My daughter is now 36 and I believe and am hopeful we are finally on the right track. With the tempestuous teen years behind us, and the early to mid 20’s into the 30’s a blur, I took a year break from this relationship catastrophe.

On the night of Hillary Clinton’s political demise she emailed me stating, “Hey, mom, she won!” At that moment I knew she cared even though wrong. I was in the midst of hysteria, tear filled for Hill and our country as I felt Hillary’s pain, and growing up a New Yorker knew what was to come.

After that fitful night we began some minor texts and even got together for 2.5 days at Thanksgiving. I flew out to Salt Lake City and we toured the town then drove through Idaho and Wyoming. T Day dinner was at a pricey movie star condo place with a restaurant overlooking the Tetons and impressive.

Staying overnight at The Spud Drive-In was a hoot. Here we sat in winter regalia watching Mrs. Doubtfire on the big screen from our cabin porch drinking wine. A priceless moment. Google the place if you don’t believe me. You’ll want to make a reservation.

Now 6 months later I’m driving out for an Austin visit as that is where she lives. I’m practicing how to keep my mouth shut and bringing duct tape just in case with hopes for a wonderful visit. Since she never reads my blog I’m okay.

So, for all those going through this kind of stuff with your adult children, have faith and don’t forget the…

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