Complaining Blogs Series………….1 of 2



I hate screaming kids on airplanes. On 3 of my last several flights this occurred. I can understand a baby crying on take off and landing with the changes in ear pressure but kids that are 3 and 4 years old? Give me a break or them a lollipop.

On my horrific plane ride to Jordan the kid not only cried on take off and landing but sporadically throughout the red-eye flight. Then when the kid was quiet the stewardess decided to chat with the mom. I wanted to sleep however they were giggling about God knows what in what language. While I considered this rude I kept my mouth shut as I was in the Middle East.

Finally, after an ear deafening death wail curdle of the umpteen time I said something. While everyone looked at me like I was the bad guy I didn’t care. The cries ceased.

On the next flight the kid started early on. I turned to the mom and told her of my Jordan flight. Apparently she was so intimidated by me she said something to the kid and he was quiet the rest of the flight. Maybe she told him Santa wasn’t coming this year if he cried but who cared as long as he shut up. This was another 3 year old and upon departure I thanked the mom for controlling the kid.

The crying on the third flight caused me to have a migraine headache. Once the kid was switched to dad he was silent the rest of the flight. At one point mom wanted the kid back and I politely but resolutely told her he’s happy with his dad and please consider the other passengers. That and a bit of a glare made her return to her seat childless. Mission accomplished and I didn’t even need Tom Cruise’s help for that.

I know what you re thinking, “Wait till you are a grandmother?” Well, between you and I, I may be the only woman on the face of the Earth who has no aspirations for that role, and if it happens the kid won’t fly till he’s 18.

Oh, gosh, there goes another screamer. Can you tell I’m on a plane??

Next time I’ll discuss sitting next to the “chubby” passenger. Another friendly topic.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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