Touch Down Tucson

After hearing all day from pilots that turbulence was expected it finally occurred on the Tucson touchdown. And what a touchdown it was with massive extra points. I even had to use the barf bag for re -breathing. This I’ve never done in my 50 years of flying.

My first layover on this trip was in LAX for 5 hours. It was wonderful to see the new airport under construction. Delta has donated 1.9 billion. Glad some of that tax break to companies we are paying for is being used to some good. Maybe they can do roads next?.

Now I am in Tucson at a ritzy spa and have to pinch myself to believe I’m here. You never know what Expedia comes up with. After a snobby greeting at the desk from a pretentious 20 year old male and his 18 year old female counterpart I paid my $230 resort fee. A supersized golf cart then took me to my room. Being left off at the elevator I realized the guy probably thought I wouldn’t tip so got rid of me quick. Later as I watched him schlep others directly to their rooms and open the door I grimaced, then laughed. Guess the Motel 6 demeanor never leaves you, however, his loss as I probably tip better than those “classy” customers he took to the door.

The pools, of which we have 7 at this “spa,” and the views are to die for. The sunrise and sunset in the desert is spectacular. Have to go as I am off to see the garden sites today and a Mission Church. Keep in touch.

AM in Tucson From the “Spa” Sliders

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