NYC Summer 2019: The Rubin & ABT Le Corsaire

Took a short play break today and visited The Rubin, a museum on Manhattan’s east side. Dedicated to Buddism and Himalayan Art this museum displays the history of Buddism and provides free docent tours. The docent and tour participants were well versed in Buddist culture and by tour end I realized I needed a Dummies Book to better understand the faith.

One thing I did understand was the concept of intention and prayer. Much of the faith is involved in this with daily practice to create good karma. Displayed were many prayer wheels which enhance belief and intention. There was even a computerized intention area where I wrote my intention along with others and left it to the universe. We shall see.

Prayer Wheels explained and actual Prayer Wheel

Buddist Relics

Housed in the former Barney’s Department Store the building was a magnificent recreation and tribute to the Buddist objects displayed. The Buddist Temple and Sacred Door of the temple were a reverent exhibit.

Buddist Altar and Sacred Door

While there pick up a free copy of the annual museum magazine, Sprial. It holds many valuable articles regarding quieting the mind and transforming the self. The gift shop and cafe were also interesting spots to purchase items.

Upon leaving the Rubin I traveled to Lincoln Center for the performance of Le Corsaire. This story of a pirate love for a harem girl was a thrilling ballet with costuming, staging and, of course, dance, impeccably executed. It was 3 hours of perfection and while the story line controversial it now has become my favorite ballet. Hats off to the American Ballet Theater!

Lobby Sculpture

Costumes from Previous Shows on Display in the lobby.

The Lincoln Center Complex has much to offer. Besides opera, plays, ballet, there is a small theater offering independent and foreign films. Also, Julliard School of Music aligns the side of the complex and student performances are available at the school. Google for specifics.

So much to see, so little time..

NYC Summer 2019: What the Constitution Means to Me, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Drunken Shakespeare

New York City was filled with cool breezes and much sun on this late spring day. Watching from my perch in a neighborhood restaurant I feasted on salmon observing folks dressed in shorts and t-shirts taking in the glorious day as they strolled.

Post lunch I explored Times Square and Rockefeller Center. New sculptures now adorn Rockefeller Center with trees and Adirondack chairs gracing the pools on the Fifth Avenue compound.

Running late I jaunted to the Helen Hayes Theater for the 2 p.m. performance of What the Constitution Means To Me.

Interesting shot don’t you think??

This play is based is on the screenwriter’s true story where 15 year old Heidi Schreck, toured the country in a contest sponsored by American Legion members. In this contest she debated and expressed her knowledge of the constitution. The prize money paid her full college tuition at a state school.

In the play Heidi recaps incidents in the lives of herself and others in relation to the constitution. While this may sound somber it was anything but with her exquisite presentation filled with gaiety and knowledge of subject. The play closes end of August however this play would make for an easy road production and something needed to open the minds of America.

At the end of the production Heidi debates with a young New York City female teen and capturing this perspective was intriguing. The standing ovation was well deserved.

Post play I stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and glimpsed the tail end of a wedding. First time to see a wedding at St. Pat’s, and what an event it was with ladies in glittery dresses, and men black tie. Good luck and many blessings are wished for the couple.

To the left of St. Patrick’s is a beautiful peace garden donated by author Mary Higgins Clark and a few others of New York City notoriety. Sadly, this was under construction, however, by next visit the upgrade will be completed. Across the street from the garden and next to the Jimmy Choo Shoe Store, is the Aristotle Onassis Center. It is a quiet spot where one can sit inside and there is a loo if needed.

After returning to St. Patrick’s for mass and with faith restored I made my way to my next venue, Drunken Shakespeare. This was a different type of performance with millennials in adoration of the production. A bit weary I forfeited the play for a leisurely walk to my hotel taking in the sites, sounds and smells of the City. While no freebie website regarding the City mentions this, it is the ultimate experience.

Chat more tomorrow..

50 Years Today…

Current Stonewall Building

The 1950’s and last years of the 1960’s were a particularly active social and political time in our country with civil rights and anti-Viet Nam War protests. Add to that mix an event occurring in New York City on June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Riots. This building which was a small Mafia owned bar in Greenwich Village catered to the gay population and was raided on this date 50 years ago today by New York City police.

The early morning raid became the catalyst for gay individuals to later organize into cohesive groups for protection of their rights. In 2015 the building was designated a City landmark. This month celebrations are planned throughout the City for this anniversary. New York City is credited as the birthplace for LGBT rights.

May freedom ring.

Hillary and Fiddler NYC Summer 2019: Day 1

Arrived promptly and scurried off to my first play, Hillary and Clinton. This play takes place during the 2008 New Hampshire primary at a time when Hillary had lost two primaries. It was a difficult time where choices had to be made. At this time Bill had been sent home, however, Hillary knew she needed him to help her make some difficult decisions.

The play, now closed, garnished Lori Metcalf with a Tony nomination for her performance, and while serious, it also was quite funny, and, at some points hilarious. Arriving early in my Hillary t-shirt, (something I can only wear in NYC), I bonded with my fellow patrons. At the shows end our group was numb as we critiqued Lori’s amazing performance of a woman in the spotlight, yet, living in the shadows of a man who she must divorce if she wants the job. Sad, but true according to polls at the time.

And then she tried once again and won. If only for the Electoral College.

After the play I decided to go to Chinatown as I had several hours to kill. Besides the delicious foods, interesting vendors and fascinating ambiance I made time for a back and foot massage. First time for the foot massage but it surely won’t be the last.

In the evening I attended Fiddler on the Roof which was done in Yiddish with subtitles. I had last seen this play 40 years ago with Zero Mostel. Joel Grey of Cabaret fame directed and now at 80 he still has the touch as did the cast. While my neck did ache a bit by the end of the performance from constant turns to read subtitles, the emotion, acting, and singing in the performance was superb.

What a wonderful ending to an amazingly busy day!

Traveling to the Big Apple Summer 2019

My Traveling Companion

Left at 2:30 am on Thursday, the 13th, for my 6 am Delta flight from Daytona Beach Airport to my favorite City in the world, New York. Florida had been having heavy rains so I was not surprised when sheriffs detoured me off I-95 onto an unfamiliar exit ramp. My main concern now was, “Where the h-ll am I?” With my loyal GPS, Waze, frantically attempting to place me back on the road I had just left I felt helpless. It was pitch black and due to the flooding I was unsure where the shoulder of the road began and ended.

Friendly Sheriff Car

As I snaked my way down the road I noticed a sheriff car appear in my view. I quickly u-turned, rolled down my window, and asked for directions. Noting my concern the sheriff told to me to follow him then turn left at the end of the road. I gratefully complied.

After our departure I found myself following a caravan of trucks. At this time I also noticed my gas gauge at 1/8 of a tank. Florida has few 24 hour gas stations and I was concerned. When signs for I-95 appeared I breathed a sigh of relief.

Low Fuel

Hoping for smooth sailing once on I-95, I found further disappointment as I missed the ramp in the darkness. With Waze redirecting me at a cost of an additional 20 miles I quickly glanced at the white gas gauge pump which had now turned yellow. I was beside myself considering the gas situation and plane departure in 1 hour 45 minutes.

With the new directions my pace quickened and soon I was within 5 miles of destination. As the airport exit neared I slowed to ensure appropriate egress and a 24 hour gas station appeared at the end of the ramp. I topped the tank to the brim and looked to the sky. In the horizon were airport lights which I followed. I arrived. Whew!

Upon locating long term parking I removed my bag, locked the car and made the short walk to the terminal. Daytona Beach Airport is a delightful small, older airport similar in size and friendliness to that of Bangor, Maine. Once inside I obtained my ticket from the computer and breezed through TSA. As I refastened my spanking new fanny pack I realized the strap had frayed off. Believing things happen in 3’s this was Incident #2 , with #1 being the drive to the airport.

In checking the airport gift shop I found the cost of a sewing kit mirrored the cost of the bag. Therefore, I chucked the bag putting the contents in my back pack. Hating to toss the fanny pack I placed the empty satchel under my seat and went to the loo. Upon return it was gone and I had gifted someone.

Upon sitting I heard an announcement, “A sweatshirt has been left at TSA. If this is yours please report to the TSA Supervisor.” As I checked my waist I realized my sweatshirt wasn’t there. I rushed to the TSA area to retrieve it. The third incident had occurred.

How To: Broadway Show Tix

Going to my favorite City in the world in a few days. Have done my leg work and tickets to several Broadway shows have been secured. Whenever I visit and see the Times Square ticket booth lines I cringe. Unless you want to meet other tourists there are better ways to use your time while visiting the Big Apple.

Since the play may have standing room only I suggest going to the box office for tickets while in NYC. They also may have student discounts so it is worth the stop. Also, check out the following web sites day of or several days/months prior to the show:

  • This web site allows you to buy tickets on-line then 30 minutes to an hour pre-show someone in a yellow vest stands outside the theater to give your ticket. Have used this for 3 years now and it has never failed.
  • Similar to the above. I haven’t used this service but other folks attest to their great prices and accountability.
  • Google Playbill Rush – a site to check out.
  • This is a lottery ticket venue with tickets good on the same day of the performance.
  • Only discovered them recently for play tickets, however, some of the prices were good and Expedia is a verified service.

These are just a couple and if you Auntie Google Broadway Show Tickets there are many more. Moral of the story: Don’t waste your time in long ticket lines. Time is of the essence and you’ll want to see as much as you can when visiting the City. Enjoy!

Wires Around the Condo

I am an end unit condo. Having that location comes with benefits, one less noisy or nosey neighbor, and more windows. The negatives are one side of the condo is a wall full of electrical boxes and gauges. I often hear workmen cuss outside my office window as they attempt to finesse and cure electrical situations for a building over 50 years young. However, having lived here several years I gladly take the wires over another neighbor.

Today my new neighbor, who I have avoided like the plague, were both out in our gardens. She was cutting back the rosemary plant with enormous clippers and I surveying my lovely new growths.

Grateful she was attending to this I complimented her actions. The bush was in an overgrown state and required trimming. I have a vested interest in the bush as I sometimes steal a bit for seasoning, but, that’s our secret.

Rather than accept my compliment she turned to me saying, “What about these wires?” The wires run on top of the soil in our garden and while I realize they are a safety hazard I gingerly observe my steps to keep peace.

I smiled and stated, “Go to the board meeting and let them know.” She turned, opened her lanai door and walked away without comment.

Another neighbor bites the dust. I sure like those wires.

Friendly Neighbor

Sponge painting

For some reason I seem to have a preoccupation with the bathroom. No, I don’t have a problem, but, I do consider my bathroom dreary. While I have a cute flamingo shower curtain and coordinated floor accessories the gray walls are DRAB.

Today I took the ultimate challenge, no not the ice bucket, but, even better, updating this look. I have sponge painted with pink and red over the abysmal gray. This is now my favorite room.

What do you think?

Broken Globe

As I quickly prepared for a recent trip my hair brush hit the bathroom light globe and broke it. It was a gross miscalculation as I swung this item into the wicker basket on top of the toilet tank. Angry at my misadventure I have been looking at this debacle for several weeks not knowing what to do. For some reason my usual prompt response for these things has lagged.

It is not that I haven’t tried to fix this dam thing, believe me I have. At one point I even gave myself a strong shock in the process. However, today I have decided I must get this done.

Locating Ron, the condo maintenance man, he easily removed the globe and even took a gander at my computer which I discussed yesterday. After Ron’s assist I took the globe to the big box store and purchased new matching globes. Given directions from the friendly big box store guy I have shut off the breaker and attached two new globes without electrocution.

New Globe

Think I’ll go with messy hair for my next flights.

Volcabulary Lessons

Chasten is the word of the day. Everyday I look forward to these new words. I love to learn and vocabulary improvement has been on my list for my senior years.

While I know the meaning of chaste it sheds new light on my repetoire. Chasten is to correct by persistent suffering or discipline, to purify, to be humbled.

I chasten equivocally to scrutinize this oneirific feat as I attempt to enhance my volcabulary.

I wonder if there is a daily computer knowledge tip out there. Does anyone know? I could use this as well.