Day 6: Tucson Caves, Lunch, and Zoo

Interesting Rock Formations

Started at Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Southeast Tucson today. This cave is over 10,000 years old and has been in use since 900 AD first by animals, then Indians, and explorers. It is a dry dwelling with a 70 degree temperature.

For those wishing a more exciting visit the cave offers supervised climbs. Call for further information or check out their website

Down the street from the cave horse rides are available. The ranch house adjacent to the horse ride venue is currently under renovation.

Next stop… lunch

Pretty in Pink

The Arizona Inn appears on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in the 1930’s by Isabella Greenway, who served as Arizona’s first State Congresswoman. The property is a finely maintained work of art. Besides being a senator Mrs. Greenway established a furniture making company for disabled veterans. Some of these pieces remain in the hotel. She was a personal friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and both Eleanor and Franklin visited her in Arizona when he was campaigning for president.

Off to the Zoo…

The guy…

The Reid Park Zoo was a pleasant surprise. It has a fine collection of animals and things to entice children with more intended in their Zoo Master Plan.

While there is much to see I was enticed by the story of the Andean Bears. A 26 year old 347 pound male has been brought a 5 year old female to mate with from a Switzerland zoo. While there is some chemistry it is too early to tell as she only arrived in the habitat in January. As I observed she was coy hiding in the mulberry tree while he lounged elsewhere. However at one point she attempted to get his attention by banging on his door as he continued to snooze under his tree. Aren’t relationships a bear? On to others and their stories.

The giraffes and peacocks reside together in their habitat. At 10:30 a.m. all peacocks splayed their feathers. What a site! Here are front and back versions.

Another interesting story…

Simone at 23 is an elderly female jaguar. The life span of a jaguar is 15 years. For a senior she certainly looks good. Must be that Arizona sun!

In closing here are a few other pictures of zoo inhabitants.

Lions, Great Horn Bills, Flamingos, White Rhinoceros, Elephants, Turtles and White Crested Cockatoos all await your visit to this fun-filled zoo.


This concludes my stay in Tucson. Hope you’ve enjoyed journeying with me and consider a visit to this jewel of the Southwest.

Preferably not in a stage coach.. but wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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