Catch-up: Insurance

Fixing it all..

Home today recouping from a root canal. This was a perfect time to take on travel claims as the 800 mg. of Motrin every 6 hours certainly dulled the two pains – one in the mouth and the other in the a–. 🙂

I started with the travel insurance company and found their process a simple, on-line approach. One customer support call was all that was needed as the gal stayed on the line while I traversed their web site.

The next call was to my favorite travel company of which I am a gold member. When I placed my rental car order for my Arizona trip the pick up address was an Air Force Base. Never thinking the office was on base I completed the order. Well, the office was on base and since I lacked military clearance I could not enter the base.

Incurring $38 in Uber fees traveling back and forth from airport to base and back again, I wanted reimbursement for their error. But more than this I asked they amend the site to reflect this information. Others should not have to go through this angst, however, I had forgotten – no good deed goes unpunished.

On this, the fifth call, I totally lost my cool and was an ugly American. By the end of our conversation I had received a $200 credit, a migraine headache and was thankful it was time for more Motrin.

Moral of the story: Get the rental car at the airport.

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