Preparing for the Journey: How to use the car radio

Here’s what she looks like.. a daunting creature

Anticipating an 1100 mile journey to Austin for a visit to my daughter I decided to learn how to use the car radio.

I began by attempting to turn the radio on. While it starts arbitrarily as I drive today it did not. I simply could not find “the spot.”

Continuing to fiddle with the radio buttons Sirus radio began to play. Though I had requested this be removed, it wasn’t, so I checked it out. There were various stations offered anywhere from the Beatles to Joel Osteen. Such diversity! No wonder why Howard Stern is worth 70 million dollars.

Eventually I was able to shut Sirus off and locate a “normal” radio station. This was a challenge and don’t ask me how, but I did. Will I ever be able to access the normal radio station again? Who knows, but, I’m sure I’ll be receiving a monthly bill from Sirus until I have 2 hours to figure out how to stop their service.

I think I’ll stick to prayer as I drive. It’s certainly cheaper and definitely has results.

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