Austin – The Endless Journey

Started my 1100 mile journey from Florida to Austin at 3 a.m. The roads in this part of Florida were well constructed and I made good time through the Panhandle.

If only they could clean up the Orlando road system. That is their jewel in the crown with the money makers of Disney, Universal, and Sea World. After visiting that area for over 40 years those roads remain a catastrophe and an embarrassment as world citizens visit the area. Enough complaining..

After 9 hours on the road I was grateful to see a sign which piqued my interest. Beauvoir, the home of the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was a short jaunt off route 10 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The home was a lovely example of Antebellum construction. Along with the beautiful home and gardens there also was an interesting museum depicting the era.


Prior to his presidency, Jefferson Davis was a graduate of West Point and served as Secretary of War to President Franklin Pierce. His first wife was the daughter of Zachary Taylor, however, this marriage was short lived with her premature death. With his second wife he had 6 children 4 of which died during his lifetime. His daughter Winnie was considered the daughter of the confederacy and never married as her love was a union affiliate. In Jefferson Davis’ final speech he wished the nation to remain united.

The home is constructed of cypress wood and has survived 26 storms with the latest, Katrina, causing 10 million dollars damage and destroying many of the 60 out buildings. Rooms have hand painted frescos which can be seen in this picture as the docent stands next to a 250 year old functional grandfather clock.

Beauvoir was used as a confederate veterans home by over 2000 patients after Davis’ demise then became a museum.

View from the Beauvoir porch. Quite a spot to recuperate at.

And let me close with the garden views from Mrs. Davis bedroom window.

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