The Endless Journey Continues…….

After leaving Beauvoir, (French for beautiful view, sorry forgot to mention that), I continued the endless journey. Having a diet coke ice cream float at a fast food place gave me the sugar rush to continue. With Alabama completed and one third of Mississippi down Louisiana would be a breeze or so I thought.

Since it is the summer road construction was vast in every state on route 10. While I’d like to say this hindered my trip it did not. Everyone merrily passed me even in construction zones. Though not a fan of speeding in construction zones I picked up my pace for fear of being trampled. Those Ford trucks sure can move.

Once through Mississippi I was traversing the sole of the Louisiana boot. Route 10/12 was often a bridge over a bayou and I passed through parishes. Since this was a Sunday I wondered where were all these folks going? Maybe to parishes? Bad joke..

With Louisiana bidding me farewell I finally arrived in Texas. Thinking I was near my destination I checked with Auntie Google. Could that be possible another 4 hours to Austin??

Tomorrow: Destination Austin.

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