San Antonio Hair Do

My Savior

Woke early to do my usual routines and the cleaning of the oven. Since I sprayed it the night before, removal of the grime was an “Easy Off.” The importance of a clean oven is prime for Feng Shui energy and I was pleased to contribute my talents.

After the oven cleaning I took out the trash, walked the dog, and said hello to some of the neighbors. I then got the blender going to make my watermelon juice. Now awake my daughter let me know our plans for the day – San Antonio. What fun!

We started at the hair salon as my daughter needed her roots done. The Mint was an adorable salon with much personality and I viewed many great hair dos as customers departed.

I decided to explore the Southside neighborhood of San Antonio surrounding the salon. What a quaint place filled with brightly colored, well maintained older cottages. My daughter requested iced coffee and she was pleased I found a place for this.

Another interesting neighborhood structure..
Mission Church of San Jose

Roots done we lunched at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant then were off to the Mission of San Jose. This Catholic mission was started by the Spanish who brought these indigenous people into the walled community. At its height in 1750 it held 350 Indians who farmed and herded cattle. While a Spanish territory it was managed by the Franciscans and known as the “Queen of the Missions.”

This magnificent church holds the finest example of baroque architecture in North America, the Rose Window. While on National Park lands the Church remains under the ownership of the local diocese and is an active parish.

Rangers give tours and there is a museum on the grounds.

There are several other mission churches in San Antonio, each with their own style and well worth the visit.

Distant View of the Church

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