Commercial Time: Buc-ees

While at the San Antonio Museum my daughter heard from several folks regarding my visit and how it was going. Each of them said the same thing, “Take her to Buc-ees.” Unsure what this was about I volunteered to visit the place.

Buc-ees is a mega pit stop area along the highways of Texas and seems to be branching out throughout the South. Outside the store it has 100 or more gas pumps and pet walking areas. The actual store is probably the size of 2 football fields and stocks everything from hunting apparel to baby clothes, fudge to brisket and a wall full of coffee and soda dispensers. Food is ordered on line with computer terminals and they even pay their staff a good wage.

But the best is the bathrooms. There must be 50 stalls on each side that are clean, well equipped and affords enough space for a wheelchair.

So..even if you aren’t hungry, don’t need gas or have to pee, stop in for a look. You won’t believe it. Let’s hope they branch out nationally.

No monies were received for this endorsement.

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