Gruene, Texas and Metalachi

Gruene Country Store

Today a friend of my daughter’s took us to Gruene, Texas. This is a historic town which was settled by German immigrants in the mid-1840’s. Beautifully restored it has various styles of homes with a famous dance hall and saloon to boot. It took my breath away when a gentlemen asked me to dance as I was exploring the dance hall. Now that hasn’t happened in 40 years! Guess it’s Texas hospitality.

Gruene also has an extensive river rafting operation, local wineries, and antique shops. It’s a great place for a visit.

After our trek my daughter informed me we had tickets to a band. Little did I know what to expect, however, I was prepared. On my last visit we went to a gay bar as her roommate was gay. Always the adventurer I was up for the challenge and to tell the truth the gay bar was fun so I expected the same from the concert this evening.

Metalachi is the first and only heavy metal Mariachi band. Besides their canned and original songs they also do comedy. As a senior I enjoyed the joke where the guitarist said he liked older women as they had a 401(k). Smart man..

They also brought up an older gal from the audience and gave her a few thrills by sitting on her lap and singing to her. It was a hoot and what a way to end my last night in WEIRD AUSTIN. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

The Band
Metal Mariachi

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