Arrived back in Florida about 2 am after staying in Louisiana one night at an older, clean, but, very reasonable motel. Entering their office I daunted by a wall full of security cameras with views of every motel angle. While a bit unsettled by this I decided to feel secure and, if not, at least they had evidence.

Here they are …

Refreshed after a comfortable motel night I rose early to begin the last leg of the journey. All went well until the last three hours of the trip when u- hauls with cars attached were on the road in force. Guess those moving think nighttime is an opportune time for travel, however, they lacked the skills to see my vehicle. After two close calls I became wary of them. Not wanting a third incident I sped up when they were close, quickly passing them. Beware and take heed.

Grateful to be safely in Florida, I was energized and unpacked. Tomorrow will be mail and laundry. Thanks, Austin for a great trip!

And I didn’t even need the…

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