Broken Globe

As I quickly prepared for a recent trip my hair brush hit the bathroom light globe and broke it. It was a gross miscalculation as I swung this item into the wicker basket on top of the toilet tank. Angry at my misadventure I have been looking at this debacle for several weeks not knowing what to do. For some reason my usual prompt response for these things has lagged.

It is not that I haven’t tried to fix this dam thing, believe me I have. At one point I even gave myself a strong shock in the process. However, today I have decided I must get this done.

Locating Ron, the condo maintenance man, he easily removed the globe and even took a gander at my computer which I discussed yesterday. After Ron’s assist I took the globe to the big box store and purchased new matching globes. Given directions from the friendly big box store guy I have shut off the breaker and attached two new globes without electrocution.

New Globe

Think I’ll go with messy hair for my next flights.

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