Wires Around the Condo

I am an end unit condo. Having that location comes with benefits, one less noisy or nosey neighbor, and more windows. The negatives are one side of the condo is a wall full of electrical boxes and gauges. I often hear workmen cuss outside my office window as they attempt to finesse and cure electrical situations for a building over 50 years young. However, having lived here several years I gladly take the wires over another neighbor.

Today my new neighbor, who I have avoided like the plague, were both out in our gardens. She was cutting back the rosemary plant with enormous clippers and I surveying my lovely new growths.

Grateful she was attending to this I complimented her actions. The bush was in an overgrown state and required trimming. I have a vested interest in the bush as I sometimes steal a bit for seasoning, but, that’s our secret.

Rather than accept my compliment she turned to me saying, “What about these wires?” The wires run on top of the soil in our garden and while I realize they are a safety hazard I gingerly observe my steps to keep peace.

I smiled and stated, “Go to the board meeting and let them know.” She turned, opened her lanai door and walked away without comment.

Another neighbor bites the dust. I sure like those wires.

Friendly Neighbor

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