How To: Broadway Show Tix

Going to my favorite City in the world in a few days. Have done my leg work and tickets to several Broadway shows have been secured. Whenever I visit and see the Times Square ticket booth lines I cringe. Unless you want to meet other tourists there are better ways to use your time while visiting the Big Apple.

Since the play may have standing room only I suggest going to the box office for tickets while in NYC. They also may have student discounts so it is worth the stop. Also, check out the following web sites day of or several days/months prior to the show:

  • This web site allows you to buy tickets on-line then 30 minutes to an hour pre-show someone in a yellow vest stands outside the theater to give your ticket. Have used this for 3 years now and it has never failed.
  • Similar to the above. I haven’t used this service but other folks attest to their great prices and accountability.
  • Google Playbill Rush – a site to check out.
  • This is a lottery ticket venue with tickets good on the same day of the performance.
  • Only discovered them recently for play tickets, however, some of the prices were good and Expedia is a verified service.

These are just a couple and if you Auntie Google Broadway Show Tickets there are many more. Moral of the story: Don’t waste your time in long ticket lines. Time is of the essence and you’ll want to see as much as you can when visiting the City. Enjoy!

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