Hillary and Fiddler NYC Summer 2019: Day 1

Arrived promptly and scurried off to my first play, Hillary and Clinton. This play takes place during the 2008 New Hampshire primary at a time when Hillary had lost two primaries. It was a difficult time where choices had to be made. At this time Bill had been sent home, however, Hillary knew she needed him to help her make some difficult decisions.

The play, now closed, garnished Lori Metcalf with a Tony nomination for her performance, and while serious, it also was quite funny, and, at some points hilarious. Arriving early in my Hillary t-shirt, (something I can only wear in NYC), I bonded with my fellow patrons. At the shows end our group was numb as we critiqued Lori’s amazing performance of a woman in the spotlight, yet, living in the shadows of a man who she must divorce if she wants the job. Sad, but true according to polls at the time.

And then she tried once again and won. If only for the Electoral College.

After the play I decided to go to Chinatown as I had several hours to kill. Besides the delicious foods, interesting vendors and fascinating ambiance I made time for a back and foot massage. First time for the foot massage but it surely won’t be the last.

In the evening I attended Fiddler on the Roof which was done in Yiddish with subtitles. I had last seen this play 40 years ago with Zero Mostel. Joel Grey of Cabaret fame directed and now at 80 he still has the touch as did the cast. While my neck did ache a bit by the end of the performance from constant turns to read subtitles, the emotion, acting, and singing in the performance was superb.

What a wonderful ending to an amazingly busy day!

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