NYC Summer 2019: What the Constitution Means to Me, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Drunken Shakespeare

New York City was filled with cool breezes and much sun on this late spring day. Watching from my perch in a neighborhood restaurant I feasted on salmon observing folks dressed in shorts and t-shirts taking in the glorious day as they strolled.

Post lunch I explored Times Square and Rockefeller Center. New sculptures now adorn Rockefeller Center with trees and Adirondack chairs gracing the pools on the Fifth Avenue compound.

Running late I jaunted to the Helen Hayes Theater for the 2 p.m. performance of What the Constitution Means To Me.

Interesting shot don’t you think??

This play is based is on the screenwriter’s true story where 15 year old Heidi Schreck, toured the country in a contest sponsored by American Legion members. In this contest she debated and expressed her knowledge of the constitution. The prize money paid her full college tuition at a state school.

In the play Heidi recaps incidents in the lives of herself and others in relation to the constitution. While this may sound somber it was anything but with her exquisite presentation filled with gaiety and knowledge of subject. The play closes end of August however this play would make for an easy road production and something needed to open the minds of America.

At the end of the production Heidi debates with a young New York City female teen and capturing this perspective was intriguing. The standing ovation was well deserved.

Post play I stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and glimpsed the tail end of a wedding. First time to see a wedding at St. Pat’s, and what an event it was with ladies in glittery dresses, and men black tie. Good luck and many blessings are wished for the couple.

To the left of St. Patrick’s is a beautiful peace garden donated by author Mary Higgins Clark and a few others of New York City notoriety. Sadly, this was under construction, however, by next visit the upgrade will be completed. Across the street from the garden and next to the Jimmy Choo Shoe Store, is the Aristotle Onassis Center. It is a quiet spot where one can sit inside and there is a loo if needed.

After returning to St. Patrick’s for mass and with faith restored I made my way to my next venue, Drunken Shakespeare. This was a different type of performance with millennials in adoration of the production. A bit weary I forfeited the play for a leisurely walk to my hotel taking in the sites, sounds and smells of the City. While no freebie website regarding the City mentions this, it is the ultimate experience.

Chat more tomorrow..

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