NYC 2019: Puffs and Harlem Jazz

Great show for Harry Potter enthusiasts

On Sunday I started with the world of Harry Potter in a spin off play known as Puffs. While I am not well versed in Hogwart, the audience enthusiasm was penetrating. Some even attended in robes. Bewitching.

Since Sunday night is Broadway black out night I searched for something to do. As usual Expedia found an activity, The Harlem Jazz Tour. Taking a cab north I met the guide and 2 other tourists visiting from China at a Harlem brownstone.

After a short tour of the neighborhood our first stop was the Paris Blues Jazz Club, 2021 7th Avenue. Here we listened to a jazz trio with velvet voices who serenaded us with jazz classics. This club is celebrating its golden anniversary and I can see why. Remember to bring cash for tips as I was ill prepared for this.

Onward to our second club which was particularly interesting as it was housed in the basement of an American Legion Hall. Adult beverages and soul food were served. This basement was standing room only and had a neighborhood vibe, however, folks from all areas of the City were in attendance and taking the mike.

Music was sublime, patrons friendly and the food tasty. You never knew who was stepping out from the audience to display their musical talents and talented they certainly were.

Since we spent most of our time at the second venue we never made it to the third jazz club, however, we passed by, and I have included a picture. This venue had musicians which changed hourly. Another interesting spot and worth the visit to check it out.

With the nights weather at perfection I felt inspired to do one of my favorite New York City tourist attractions, the Statute of Liberty. The subway transfer was easy and quickly I was at the terminal. As the ferry backed out I caught a shot of the lights of Manhattan.

And here she is in all her glory. What an amazing gift from our French friends.

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