VP Selena

Recently, Stephen Colbert had the cast of Veep on his show. I had heard of this series but never viewed it. Always a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, even though I hated the ending of Seinfeld..but she had no part in that. Why couldn’t Elaine and Jerry get together? Guess happy endings aren’t everyone’s style? Back to the subject at hand, I digress..

Ordering 5 of the 7 seasons from the library I was glued to this hilarious, insulting, and potty mouth show. Working in New York State government bureaucracy I knew the playbook. Enthralled in the antics of each segment, the folly was not far from truth.

Watching Season 5 was particularly painful as I watched the Vice President now President Selena fall. Even though she was a nasty b–ch I wanted her to succeed. In the last episode I prayed for a change of events with the new female Hispanic president not naturalized, therefore, disqualified from the presidency. It didn’t occur, I was depressed.

I have lost interest as I scanned the Season 6 and 7 segments. Perhaps I will look at the final episode in future years to lay this to rest, however, I doubt it.

There are 20 plus democratic candidates running for the ultimate reward, leader of the free world. I honor their courage, but question their sanity, and hope they have loved ones with open arms to comfort them as they pursue their dream.

Here they are..

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