Firefox Rules

For several months I have been attempting to figure out how to get the news feed off my lap top computer. After successfully removing this from my phone I knew there must be a way. Once again my belief that out of bad comes good was reinforced. 🙂

I love Yahoo! (most days)

I found Yahoo mail stuck today and after looking at Vladimir Putin for a sixth time, (not my fav dictator for what he does to his people, or the world), I became agitated. Over 2 hours later after reading volumes on how to fix this problem I came across a blogger suggesting a server switch.

After debating which server to choose I decided upon Firefox since it had a catchy name. Once I loaded her or him up I was able to write, send and file emails. I was in Email Heaven! But, out of this came the benefit of NO MORE NEWS FEEDS. While I will no longer be up to date on Meghan Markle’s latest dress purchase, I am rid of that dictator’s face.

Today as I turned on the internet I came across a delightful 2 minute video with Melinda Gates discussing her favorite book, and how she and Bill don’t use plastic straws. Now, this was something I relish, and have already bought the book. Thank you, Firefox. What a good choice I made.

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