My neighbor, Shelly, is going to be 80 soon. She’s my favorite neighbor in the condo complex. When I was looking for a first level condo I met her as she was walking her dog in front of the complex. She told me all about the area and how she enjoyed living here. Shelly had more information than the realtor.

My friend has been going through a lot of health matters this past year. As a nurse for 44 years I’ve become quite updated on all the new fangled medical things out there by listening to what they’ve done to her body and soul.

Today I called to check on her as she received another ghastly new procedure. In listening to her tale I cringed, but one thing about this lovely Southern woman is her spirit. As the conversation came to a close she said, “Call me tomorrow, I’ll be better then.”

We all need to think that way.

Ladybugs are good luck. Good luck, my friend.

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