#1. Sealing Up The Condo For Departure

As I plan for departure I have many things to do. We’ve already discussed the refrigerator, and that is under control. There are 2 pieces of fish, and a box of frozen vegetables in the freezer, with the refrigerator almost empty.

Next, I began to look at window security devices. In doing this I searched my favorite store, yes, the Dollar Tree. There I found exactly what I needed. As I attempted to attach these devices to the window I didn’t understand the limited directions. Sometimes when I opened the window the device rang, however, other times it did not. At one point during installation the magnet inside one of the pieces shot across the room, and I still haven’t located it. It’s hiding in the shag carpet, probably for fear of me.

Window Security Device

When I finally did get the d-m thing installed the plastic glue backing needed additional glue. After gluing this several times the device continued to slip from the window frame, and ring, so, I did what any single woman would do, apply duct tape over the glued piece. While MacGyver was famous for duct tape, I want to be on record as discovering it. It is my best friend.

But out of all the buzzing the contraptions made I learned one thing, NO ONE BOTHERED TO RESPOND TO THE NOISE. Guess, I got my dollars worth.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like, (or believe in this instance), what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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