Orientation: First Day N.C.

On the first day of orientation I arrived at the wrong site. Instructions had changed and I wasn’t notified. While I’m usually 15 minutes early on this day I decided to refrain from this practice. As stood next to a door with a sign stating, “Do not exit – alarmed,” my guide explained where the class was. Embarrassed, I quipped, “I best not depart here.” In response she stated, “Oh, the alarm doesn’t work, and you can leave this way. I can even make the door ring if you’d like.” Laughter ensued and I was on my way.

Upon finding the new building I attempted to sneak into a room of 15 people, however, this was difficult. Grateful class had not begun and some with internet service were peering into their cell phones, I signed in and tip toed to a seat.

Shortly after sitting the instructor appeared in a t-shirt stating, “Relax, I’m hilarious,” and she certainly was. The training was informative and entertaining with portions of The Big Bang Theory and Friends explaining the concepts we were to learn. It worked and made the training enjoyable.

Prior to break we completed paperwork. The instructor stated several times how there is always one that forgets to sign on the back of the form as 3 out of 10 pages required this additional signature. I signed the back of all 10 pages. Hope she got a chuckle.

Looking forward to tomorrow…

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