Outer Banks Weekend: Day 1

Moral: Always check the picture before you leave the site.

With the first week of orientation completed and a free weekend available, I took the opportunity to venture forth. Having never been to the Outer Banks this was my first of many North Carolina spots to visit.

The trek was quick from Goldsboro with many twists and turns among bucolic North Carolina farm lands. Arriving in the Outer Banks at dusk I was unprepared for the enormity of its beauty. What must those coming to the new world in the 1500’s, have thought of this amazing land of beaches, dunes, and mixed greenery.

Driving the speed limit was challenging once on the island. Trucks hauling trailers drove 40 mph when the speed limit was 55. This caused caravans of 15 plus cars behind them. Be prepared for this aggravation as you soak in the beauty. Arriving in Hatteras at 9:30 p.m. I noted a text from my tour company that traffic warnings were in affect for the weekend. Even with my acute NYC driving skills I decided to leave for the tour at 5 a.m. to ensure I’d make it by 8:30 and I was glad I did as this left adequate time for a stop at the Hatteras Lighthouse.

What a beauty and the beaches here pristine and free!

The morning tour was the Wild Horses of Corolla. These 115 horses roam the beaches and the 700 homes of this gated preserve. In the early 1900’s there were 7500 horses, however, the government saw the need to decrease this population.

These Spanish horses arrived on the Outer Banks from ship wrecks and being tossed into the ocean when cargo weight needed decrease. Excellent swimmers they sought sanction in the shores of these beaches and acclimated to a diet of brackish water and sea oats.

There is a community of volunteers who care for and monitor these magnificent creatures. The remaining horses are well protected and a tribute to government working well.

The guide shared a funny story regarding the horses. They are intelligent and had been known to roam the towns near the preserve. At one point they became interested in a local grocery store and learned how to open the automatic doors by stepping on the mat. Several times they raided the produce counters until the store manager removed the automatic doors.

For all those who know me I am obsessed with the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree owners have a vacation house on this preserve. Here is it! With my purchases I probably paid for one of the windows or maybe even a door. Had to include the picture.

After the tour I explored the town of Currituck Beach which has a brick lighthouse. You can also walk to the top of this structure for a fee. Surrounding the lighthouse are historic houses and a gift shop. It is a shady place for a picnic lunch or stop by the North Carolina rib house nearby.

Onward to the Federal Park commerating the first in flight brothers, the Wrights. On this day they had a kite festival and children filled the museum taking in the sites with glee.

Back to the hotel.. more adventures for tomorrow.

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