Outer Banks Weekend: Day 2

Indian Dancing Circle with Longhouse in background

Began day 2 traveling back to 1585 at Roanoke Festival Park. This attraction depicts the first English settlement in America. Start with the 45 minute film which sets the tone for the park then venture forth through the Indian village. From here the journey led down a path to a recreated ship of the era with sailors dressed in authentic garb.

The Elizabeth

Then to the settlers village, not an easy life for those adventurers. Here is a replica of their blacksmith shop.

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

Visit the grounds outside the attraction as it holds amazing ocean views, then journey across the bridge to the Town of Mateo. This quaint spot has wonderful restaurants, shops, and my favorite lighthouse ever. Here’s the picture, isn’t it adorable? Andy Griffith of Mayberry fame lived here till his death, and was known to have helped remake this lovely setting.

Within 5 miles of Manteo is Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. The Elizabethan Garden on this site is a must see for all who love nature. It is a well deserved tribute to our first settlers. While I could rattle on a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

The first non-native child born in the Americas was Virginia Dare. While we have no idea of what happened to these Roanoke colonists this garden statute is a tribute to her. It assumes how she may have appeared as an adult.

The Lost Colony

My final event was the play The Lost Colony on the grounds of the Raleigh National Historic Site. This production is the longest running outdoor play having 82 seasons as of this year. They were awarded a well deserved Tony several years ago. Franklin Roosevelt even attended the performance. The story describes the Roanoke colony intertwined with the Indians as well as the British monarchy. It was an amazing performance.

Hope you enjoyed our visit…

Prior to the performance I attended the backstage tour. Sir Walter Raleigh was the tour guide in full regalia. Hearing the rehearsals of songs, props moving about, and even the choreography of a fight scene was intriguing. When you visit see both venues. Unforgettable.

The time may end but the memories remain.

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