Wedding Bell Blues..

Dress For Sale or Hire?

Disclaimer: My daughter is 36, and since she doesn’t read my blog I have the license to write about her. She will never know what I write.

Let me let you in on a secret: I want my daughter to get married and settle down. It is time and she’s dated enough. Yes, I want her to meet the right one and be happy, but time is of the essence, and let’s face it there is no perfect man, or woman. No, it’s not that I want to be a grandmother, but, if that happens I’ll deal with it.

Two years ago I found the perfect mother of the bride dress and bought it. I also have the shoes and earrings. I am set on a moments notice for the call, and would even flip to pay for a small ceremony. She is aware of all this, however, I do not harp.

She tells me she is the last of the college friends to “hang out” in this respect. While I wanted to probe, I bit my tongue. Wonder of wonder that I have a tongue left since I’ve bitten it so much.

Lately I’m beginning to worry the dress will go out of style. So, if anyone out there has a wedding where they need more guests feel free to invite me. It will be good practice for me. And I also have a dress for the rehearsal dinner.

But perhaps the best thing – I won’t fight to catch the bouquet.

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